Motor Home Loans

Motor-home loan is a great way to get fast cash using your motor-home as collateral, and at the same time keep using it. The process is easy; you do not have to leave your house.
up to $30,000.00 for qualified customers.
We DO NOT LEND ON RV’s, your vehicle must have a motor to qualify.

Loan Requirements:

  • Motor home year is 2005 and up, less then 150,000Km
  • Fully paid for, no liens or encumbrances
  • Registered to your name
  • You are at least 18 years old

Documents Required

  • Clear Copy of your Drivers License
  • Copy of motor home Registration
  • Copy of Valid Insurance (can be pink slip or full page)
  • 30 day bank statement
  • Last pay stub, Self-Employed last 2 invoices
  • Void cheque or pre-authorized form from your bank
  • A utility bill from your residence (landline phone, cable/dish/internet, power, gas, water, etc.)
  • 7 Pictures of the Motorhome – 4 sides, VIN, odometer and interior (can be any format, call us for help if needed)
  • Spare Key – We hold a spare key in a secured trust and return it once loan is paid in full.

The Process:

Start by filling out the Motor home loan application on your top right or call us directly toll-free at 1-866-291-1999
We will review the application and contact you within 2 business hours.

Once loan details are agreed upon we will exchange some paperwork via Fax or E-mail.
We will then get together to inspect your Motor home and finalize the deal.  Funds will be deposited directly into your bank account or via E-mail transfer.
Converting your Motor home into cash is a Great option, it is fast and easy, confidential and convenient.

    Motor Home Loan

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