What is a Car Title Loan?

A car title loan is a fast loan using your car as collateral. Basically, you borrow money with your car by converting your vehicle’s equity into cash. During loan period you keep driving/using your vehicle while making monthly payments to your lender.


Who Can Get A Car Title Loan?

A Car Title loan is available to all Vehicle & Motor-Home owners within the provinces of British-Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New-Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Our basic qualification requirements are: (a) vehicle is 2007 & up (b) vehicle is fully paid for.


How to Get Cash Instantly Using Your Car Equity?

You can start by completing our Online Eligibility Form here, we will contact you within 2 hours with our offer.


What Are The Benefits Using Direct Car Loans?

We offer the best car title loans around with the lowest interest rate, GURANTEED. Service is based on 1 hour approval & same day cash. Our loans are open with no pre-payment penalties and you will receive excellent service and everything in writing.

Our service is 100% confidential, no up-front fees or job requirements.


Can I Borrow With My Car?

If your vehicle is 2007 & up, registered to your name and fully paid for then you meet the basic criteria to borrow money from us.


How Do Title Loans Work?

In most cases, you will be required to complete a personal application form and present your lender with a clear title for your vehicle. You can borrow a percentage of the vehicle’s fair market value while keep driving it. For detailed information on our process please press here 


What Is The Term of Your Title Loan?

We specialize in long term loans, starting at 1 year up to 5 years, depending on the amount you borrow. We offer only OPEN LOANS that can be paid out anytime with no penalties.


How to Get A Car Title Loan?

Our process is straight forward and most deals are completed & funded the same day. You can start by completing a short eligibility check form here or call us at 1-866-291-1999


I have Bad Credit, Can I get A Vehicle Title Loan?

Sure you can, we provide loans for bad credit. In fact, we do not check your credit at all. Your Vehicle’s equity allows us to lend you a percentage of it. There is no credit check or job requirement.


Who’s Car Title Loans For?

Car title loans is for everyone looking to get an instant loan.

Weather it is emergency loan, student loan, pay a bill loan or vacation money we will work hard to get you money super-fast.

Auto title loans are great product compared to alternatives such as overdraft fees, overdraft interest, bounced check fees or late fees that may also have negative credit consequences


How Fast Do I Get The Loan?

Unlike traditional lending our process is fast and requires a minimum amount of paperwork. Most deals are completed and funded the same day.