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Car Title Loan Online

A Car Title Loan Online is one of the recommended ways for accessing cash in a short time and with little effort. All that needs to be done is: convert your car into cash by making use of it as a collateral and continue to drive it. Thereby the “Direct Car Loans” finance company in able to look on the equity in your car, and loan you a percentage of it.
The “Direct Car Loans” finance company offers a speedy loan with a shortened procedure that is easy to deal with as well as online friendly.
The perquisites for requesting a loan:
• The applicant must be at least eighteen years old.
• The applicant’s vehicle year must be no older than 2008 and have less than 230,000 Km.
• The applicant’s vehicle must by fully paid for and free of any liens or encumbrances.
• The applicant’s vehicle must be registered in his/her name.
• The applicant must supply a certified copy of all the vehicle’s documents.
• The applicant must supply a certified copy of the vehicle’s Registration.
• The applicant must supply a certified copy of a Valid Insurance; it can be merely a pink slip or a full page.
• The applicant must supply a bank statement from the past thirty days.
• The applicant must supply the last pay stub or if Self-Employed, the last two invoices.
• The applicant must supply a void cheque or pre-authorized form from his/her bank.
• The applicant must supply a utility bill from his/her residence (landline phone, cable or dish or internet, electricity, gas, water, and the like).
• The applicant must supply six pictures of the vehicle including a view of the four sides, odometer and VIN number. The pictures may be in any format.
• The applicant must supply a Spare Key. The spare key will be placed in a secured trust and returned as soon as the loan has been fully paid off.

Vehicle Collateral Loan is an easy way to get cash almost instantly at a lower rate.